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Thea: The Cost of Quality of Life: Can We Make Improvements AND Save Money on Drops?

Professor Harminder Dua considers the pressures on costs within the NHS and looks at ways topical medicines can improve quality of life as well as reducing spend. This webinar challenges some of the assumptions around costs and prices.

When:  24th June 2021, 7:30-8:30 PM London

1 CET point

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Clinica London: Virtual Masterclass in Retinal Detachment & Retinal Tears


  • Emergency warning signs 
  • Risk factors of retinal detachment 
  • Retinal examination 
  • Types of retinal tears
  • Types of retinal detachment:                                                                                                                 – –       –
  • When is a detachment not a detachment?
  • What happens in vitreoretinal surgery?
  • Aftercare post vitreoretinal surgery


When:  15th June 2021, 6:30-7:45 PM London

2 CET point

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Latest dates for PCSE Online webinars.

As you know, the dates are filling up very quickly, so please register by clicking on the relevant links.

Previous webinar recordings are available to view on the You Tube channel. You will be notified when new recordings of webinars are uploaded if you subscribe, plus there are now twelve scenario videos on there which you may find really useful.

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Due to the current challenging and uncertain times, CET discussion sessions and events will now be held in the form of online webinars which can be accessed below.