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HOYA – Paediatric Dispensing – Presented by Jessica Gowing

The presentation will cover the following points:
• Children’s visual development
A recap on children’s visual development, focussing on refractive development and emmetropisation, critical periods and amblyopia.
• The importance of paediatric dispensing.
This section will cover who is allowed to dispense to children and why, as well as why it is so important for dispensing opticians to carry out the best possible paediatric dispenising
•Paediatric frames:The attendees will learn the differences anatomically between adult and children’s facial features and how this should translate into paediatric frames.

When: 12th May 2021 at 7:30PM 

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LOC CET Event – Glaucoma – Diagnosis & Management By Mr Faisal Ahmed 

When:  25th May at 7pm

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Latest dates for PCSE Online webinars.

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Previous webinar recordings are available to view on the You Tube channel. You will be notified when new recordings of webinars are uploaded if you subscribe, plus there are now twelve scenario videos on there which you may find really useful.

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Due to the current challenging and uncertain times, CET discussion sessions and events will now be held in the form of online webinars which can be accessed below.