Recent Updates

Statement from the optical bodies on IT Connectivity for eye care services in England.

The national optical bodies fully support two-way IT connectivity between primary eye care and the rest of the NHS, particularly hospital eye services and GPs. See here  for more info. (Sept 2022)

NHS England services during Bank holiday for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the government has confirmed that Monday 19 September will be a Bank Holiday.

GOC CPD Team introduces a CPD record review process

The purpose of record review is to ensure you are undertaking CPD which aligns with your scope of practice and professional development needs, and keeping good-quality records of CPD completed.

For more information seeThe CPD record review guide 

Recent changes to Emergency services at The Western Eye hospital

For more information on clinics, referrals and the team at WEH, see here

Sector summary for practitioners and practices- Call for evidence on the Opticians Act and consultation on associated GOC policies.

The UK optical bodies have finalised a summary document on the GOC’s call for evidence on the Opticians Act and consultation on associated GOC policies. It includes sector specific feedback on the eight sections in the GOC document. Please see here.

(July 2022)

Call for evidence on the need for change to the Opticians Act and a consultation on associated GOC policies.

Both offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders including patients, the public, registrants, sector bodies and employers to ensure that legislation and regulation are fit for the future.  For more information see here 

Give your view Online Survey. 

(June 2022)

Making accurate GOS claims – An in-depth guide

The AOP have published a guide to help performers and contractors to make accurate claims on GOS work in England MACE-guide-2022 for more information see  (May 2022)

ONFC Announces an Increase to GOC Sight Tests from April 2022

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has said it will increase GOS sight test fees in England by 2% from April 2022. This follows a 1.9% increase in April 2021. The GOS CET allowances and pre-registration supervision grants will also rise by 2%. For more information see here.

OFNC Welcomes New Policies on Optometrist Performers Listing England

A key change is that applicants requiring initial educational or clinical support to work safely in
UK primary eye care will no longer have conditions applied. For more information see here.

WOPEC and LOCSU Launch Maculopathy OCT Interpretation Lecture Series / Training Module

The new training module is intended for optometrists involved in Maculopathy referral filtering and monitoring services as well as Urgent Eye Care services (MECS & CUES).

The aim of the series is to build on existing knowledge of maculopathy with an emphasis on monitoring in primary care, referral and treatment pathways and optical coherence tomography (OCT) interpretation.

For more information click here 

For access to codes contact

(Dec 2021).

Additional guidance for Afghan relocation and settlement schemes

Individuals and families arriving in the UK under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) scheme or Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme (ACRS) will be entitled to free NHS care. (October 2021)

For more information please click here

Optometrists Asked to Update The NHSmail Data Protection Security Toolkit (DSPT)

The webinars will take place on the following dates:

  • Thursday 21 October 21, 17:30-18:15
  • Wednesday 3 November 21, 17:30-18:15

To register, email stating your name, job role, company and the webinar you would like to attend. A Microsoft Teams invite will follow.

You can see the full statement on DSPT here.

September 2021


In order to see these patients under the NHS, the national team with NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) support has suggested that these refugees apply for HC1 at present. Please see below.

A mechanism already exists for Refugees and Asylum Seekers to claim NHS Sight Tests via HC1, applied for by the patient, or HC2/3 certificates issued directly by UK Visas & Immigration. Children can already claim via the ‘under 16’ GOS 1 criteria.
HC1 Forms ( in theory have a turn around time of 5 working days if sent in digitally, they may need proof of status and if refugee any income/benefits information. If they apply via a paper/postal route then this has a turnaround of approximately 15 working days.
A refugee HC2/HC3 certificate once issued is valid for 12 months, an asylum seeker HC2/HC3 certificate once issued is valid for 6 months.

If a practice is contacted about carrying out eye tests for these patients, they do need direct them towards getting a HC1. (September 2021)

Covid 19 – Resumption of Patient Signatures on GOS Forms

The DHSC has informed OFNC that the COVID-19 suspension of the requirement for patient signatures on GOS forms will end on 31 August 2021. This means that patient signatures will be required on all GOS forms from Wednesday 1 September..

25 August 2021


Glaucoma Awareness Week, coordinated by Glaucoma UK, will run from 28 June to 4 July this year, coming at a time when the UK is slowly emerging from covid-19 restrictions. Click here for more information (June 2021)


As more hospitals aim to turn off their fax machines, the LOC would like to encourage all practices to obtain an email address to enable referrals to be sent securely.  The application process has been simplified due to COVID and this has been extended until end of June 2021.  There is also help in completing the DSPT for the nhs mail now available via the LOC.  The application form is available here.


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has said it will increase GOS sight test fees by 1.9% from April 2021. The GOS CET allowances and pre-registration supervision grants will also rise by the same percentage. The fees for GOS sight tests in England were last increased in April 2015 by 1%. For more information see OFNC statement on GOS fees 2021-22 final 210321 (002)GOS fees 2020 21 letter.

Changes to GOS claims;

PCSE online/eGOS claims system now live for new users; New style GOS paper forms launch February 2021. For more information click here. (18/12/2020)

More details regarding the upcoming changes to GOS claim forms moving online can be found at NHSE Move to Online Letter 20th July 2020

Referral guidelines and clinical documents from the NW London CCG can be found here here. (21/06/20)

Three additional clinical pathways to broaden primary care have been introduced LOCSU’s clinical pathways to broaden primary care offer. 29/05/2020

KCWHF practices are encouraged to send all routine Central London CCG patient ophthalmology referrals to the SPoA from now on.

Emergency and urgent referrals that need to be seen in urgent and emergency eye clinics or in WET AMD clinics should follow local protocol outside the SPoA.

The preferred method of referring into the SPoA is via the Optomanager web portal. If practices need access to the portal, they should email




A review of ophthalmology provisions in the NHS – details can be found in the GIRFT Report OphthalmologyReportGIRFT19P-FINAL .Dec2019