About the Committee

Who is your LOC committee for 2022:

KCWHF LOC is funded by Ophthalmic Contractors in the Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham area and acts on behalf of the Contractors, Performers, and others registered with the GOC in dealing with the NHS.

Members of the Committee are 50% Contractors and 50% Performers plus the Committee can co-opt from outside this group, eg Dispensing Opticians, to give a diverse balance.

Other Objectives of KCWHF LOC are to:

  • Promote the profession to all stakeholders in the county
  • Promote Enhanced Services to all parts of the county
  • Communicate with Commissioners of Health Services
  • Inform the profession about relevant changes in the Health Service
  • Facilitate training for Enhanced Services
  • Facilitate contract compliance by contractors and performers
  • Be the first point of contact for practitioners seeking help with disputes and complaints via NHS.
  • Facilitate Peer Reviews and other statutory training requirements for GOC and NHS

Chair : Mr Azzam Shweiki

Vice Chair : Mr Kanti Fatania

Secretary : Mrs Fazlin Jetha

Treasurer : Mr Michael Hawkins

Liaison Officer : Mr Shafquet Mohamed

Communications Officer : Mrs Zohra Salim

CPD Officer : Ms Sheena Patel

Committee :

Mr Panos Nicolaou
Ms Bozena Trylska
Ms Priyanka Matrubai
Mr Shafquet Mohamed
Mrs Fazlin Jetha
Mrs Zohra Salim
Ms Vesna Drazic
Ms Zahra Jessa 


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